Thomas F. Bailey

Retired Professional Engineer, NEXT Lab Advisor


Tom has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston. He is a retired Professional Engineer with over 43 years of experience. He developed numerous new products including high temperature equipment for energy production in harsh environments. He was awarded DOE grants to develop high temperature gate valve tools for geothermal wells. He served on several API and IADC committees, including the one that reviewed blow-out prevention equipment for offshore wells after the Deepwater Horizon event. Tom has been awarded over 75 patents.

Why Support NEXT?

This project has game changing potential in treating cancer and may offer a cost effective source for electrical energy and clean water. There are technological as well as potential regulatory challenges, but the benefit is so huge that the challenges to reach the goal are overwhelmingly worth the effort. The staff and students at ACU who are working on this project are very impressive in their drive and talent. I want to support and encourage them in any way possible.

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