Raven Odom

Mechanical Engineering Major

Expected Graduation: May 2024


I was born and raised in a smaller town called Magnolia, Texas which is about 30 minutes north of Houston. I've been playing with AutoCAD and SketchUp software since I was little so I am excited to have a major and a job that lets me turn a hobby into a career. I am also a licensed cosmetologist, which lead me to my love of working with my hands that has developed a further love for being able to help others in need and serve my community

Contribution to NEXT

CAD drawer for the FMSTL project

What you like about NEXT?

I enjoy being able to work in my field of interest as an Engineering major and finding community among others who share a love of Engineering, Physics and Chemistry. It is great to be a apart of something bigger than me that is working on solving the world's most dire needs

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