Micheal Arrasmith

NEXT Research Scientist



  • BS, Abilene Christian University, Engineering Physics, 2019

Latest Scholarly Presentations

  • Molten Salt Test System for Advanced Liquid Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Development, Undergraduate Research Festival, ACU, 2019
  • Design for NEXT Lab Molten Salt Heat Exchanger, Undergraduate Research Festival, ACU, 2019


  • Michael Arrasmith grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. He graduated from The Classical Academy High School in 2016. In 2019 he received a BS in Engineering Physics from Abilene Christian University. He began working for ACU NEXT Lab as a student in 2018 and became a Staff member after receiving his degree. Michael has spent his time on two projects: the Molten Salt Test System (MSTS) and the Salt Purification System (SPS). The MSTS is an intermediate-scale molten-salt test loop that will implement and test the latest equipment and molten salt technology. The SPS is tasked with purifying the salt to reduce corrosion and gain understanding of its thermophysical properties. Michael is currently the MSTS project lead and the SPS engineering lead.
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