Felix Mbikogbia

Computer Science Major / NEXT Web Manager

Expected Graduation: Dec 2021


I was born and raised in South Sudan and came to the United States in 2017 to persue an education. I like to challenge myself everytime to learning new things. I also like to think of the world in terms of technology, politics, and entreprenuership. Currently, I am a Web Developer for NEXT, and a Software Developer for Wildcat Software on ACU campus.

Contribution to NEXT

I am Web Deloper for NEXT; in charge of building and maintaining this website.

What you like about NEXT?

I like the fact that NEXT is working to solve a real world problem. NEXT is using sicence and engineering technologies to find solutions to the world's energy and clean water problem. I like the dedication, hard work, and creativity I see at NEXT. I also like to be the person handling the public appearance of NEXT on their website.

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